RU^ Community Guidelines

RU^ is a supportive and encouraging community that is deeply passionate about mental health awareness. We welcome people from all walks of life and experiences. RU^ asks that you do not seek or engage with content that you do not agree with (no one needs troublemaking). And, if you see behavior or content that goes against our guidelines, please flag it through the report abuse [LINK] function on our site. Above all, we urge you to make the most out of your time here by sharing your stories and taking time to read a few from others in the RU^ community. Contribute positively to the community, and you will find that RU^ can be a great place.

The following paragraphs summarize RU^’s approach to behavior and content. These guidelines have been made public in the spirit of open communication, but it should be noted that they are adaptable and will evolve over time. RU^ has internal policies and procedures in place to attempt to apply these guidelines in a consistent and fair manner. RU^ reserves the right to remove a story at our sole discretion.


Authors must be 18 years or older.

Mature Content

Mature Content refers to works containing content that may be considered not suitable for viewing by some audiences, such as nudity, blood, guns, alcohol, drugs, violence, adult language and other similar themes. Authors should indicate their work is Mature Content as a part of the upload process.

Adult Language

Malicious or hurtful swearing at another author is not permitted (it is considered a personal attack). Swearing and adult language in a more general context is acceptable. Works containing adult language should be marked as Mature Content.

Violence or Hatred

Work that glorifies or trivializes violence is not permitted. This includes graphic depictions of violence, works that trivialize violent acts, and work or behavior where the intent of the author is to incite hatred or violence. Works that deal with catastrophic events such as genocides or holocausts need to be sensitively handled. Works that have the potential to cause the victims serious distress may be removed.


Racist content or behavior and material designed to incite racism is not permitted. Country Specific Laws

Some countries regulate or prohibit the use of certain content, like symbols, images or words. To comply with the laws in these countries, RU^ may remove works that contain such content.

Defamation or Libel

Any work or behavior that can reasonably be considered defamatory, libelous or vilifying is not permitted. As a general rule, works which are presented as an opinion or a criticism on a subject of public interest do not fall under this definition.


We define vilification as conduct that is intended to invoke serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of an individual or group of people because of race, religion, disability, gender identity or sexuality.  As a general rule, works which are presented as an opinion or a criticism on a subject of public interest do not fall under this definition.

Harmful Misinformation

Harmful misinformation is not permitted. We define this as any misleading or false information that harms or significantly threatens public safety. For example, content that expresses anti-vaccination sentiment is not allowed because it presents misleading and/or factually inaccurate information that negatively impacts public health.

Uninvited Criticism

RU^ provides a supportive and encouraging environment for authors of all skill levels and experience. If someone is unprepared for criticism or is self-conscious about their work, uninvited criticism can be upsetting and can have a negative impact.

Personal Attacks

A personal attack is where another author writes hurtful or insulting things about another author or makes personal remarks with the intention of hurting or upsetting them. Personal attacks can also include comments made about a group of authors and names don’t have to be mentioned in order for behavior to be considered a personal attack.

If an exchange is becoming heated or if someone’s behavior isn’t appropriate, we strongly advise taking a few deep breaths, reporting any instances where the behavior falls outside RU^ guidelines and then ceasing communication.


Harassing behavior includes: to disturb persistently, torment, humiliate, bother continually, pester or persecute. Names don’t have to be mentioned in order for behavior to be considered harassing. Harassment doesn’t have to be negative behavior; it also includes unwelcome behavior.

Harassment can include:

  • Persistent communication after a request has been made to cease communication;
  • Persistent or continuing intimidation, bullying or stalking behavior; and
  • Continuing of offline disagreements or other negative personal issues.

If you are being harassed, please report all harassing comments and other communication to the RU^ team using the reporting links provided on the site.

Threatening Behavior

Threatening behavior includes threatening the life, safety or well-being of another author. Threatening behavior will result in immediate removal of all content posted by the author threatening others in the RU^ community.

Copyright and other forms of IP protection

RU^ respects Copyright and Trademark laws and will remove any work found to infringe Copyright or Trademark protection. If you believe your copyright or other intellectual property rights are being infringed, you are able to make a formal complaint by using the reporting abuse function.

Deliberate Misuse

Deliberate misuse is when a person or entity opens an account with the primary purpose of infringing the RU^ Community Guidelines or is found to be otherwise using the account for purposes RU^ was not designed for. In most cases, deliberate misuse will result in immediate removal of all content. If the account is found to be linked to an existing authorship, the consequences for inappropriate behavior will be applied to all the author’s accounts. Examples of deliberate misuse include but are not limited to the following:

  • Using RU^ to host links to or advertise any products whether legal or illegal;
  • Creating content used primarily to harass or intimidate other authors, disrupt discussions or to cause conflict and bad feeling within the community;
  • Operating with a sole purpose to engage in unacceptable behavior as defined by our Community Guidelines;
  • Re-uploading content that has been previously moderated or removed; and
  • Repeatedly infringing or repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights or publicity rights of others.


Deliberate Misuse


Harmful Misinformation


Threatening Content

Trademark or Copyright Infringement


Violence or Hatred